Workflow is a revolutionary new software tool from Autometrix that makes producing large numbers of customized products easy – and fast.

Once orders are received by a manufacturer, significant time is spent interpreting that order for the cutting room – work orders created; patterns found; correct materials located.  This is all unproductive and expensive time. Workflow magically automates this process – it’s an invisible cutting room manager and production planner who never gets tired and never makes a mistake. Workflow has application in any markets that manufacture products made from multiple cut pieces – and paired with templates its power is even more apparent when those products are able to be customized with different sizes and material options.

Here’s how Workflow works:

Workflow looks at all the patterns that need to be cut to produce the orders on a given day, and rearranges all of the pattern pieces into logical “kits.” Each pattern piece that needs to be cut from the same material is grouped together, no matter what order it’s for. Once the pieces have been cut, the operator can see which order they belong to, so that the cutting operator can pass on a complete kit of pattern parts to the sewer, welder, or assembler.

For instance, if you wanted to produce a custom handbag, Workflow will read all the orders that need to be cut in a given time period, processing as many or as few orders at a time as needed. It will then automatically collect all the patterns needed to complete those orders and group them into separate files based on the material they must be cut from.  These files are immediately ready for nesting in Autometrix’s industry leading PatternSmith software and a cut file for each required material is ready to go in minutes. It allows you to hand off the kits to the sewer. Done. Now you can produce 200 custom handbags in one day.

It’s not just for handbag manufacturers. Imagine what you could do with inflatables (let your customers choose their own color combinations), spa and equipment covers, insulation, dock seals, window shades, and regular or safety apparel. The possibilities are endless, and you can do it all easily with Workflow to help you.

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