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Every single one of you is making something different and something that requires its own size. Whether you’re still cutting by hand or you’ve been cutting with automated equipment for years now. It’s time to find out what’s new on the market. Whatever you’re cutting we would love the opportunity to show you how we can be a part of that solution.

Autometrix Catalyst - Conveyorized Cutting
Catalyst Conveyorized Cutting System

Our group of engineers has stayed busy and we’re excited to introduce the second generation catalyst conveyorized cutting system. It’s wider, it’s longer and we’ve paired the industry’s fastest cutting gantry with the fastest conveyorized base. When paired with Autometrix software products you can be generating patterns just as fast as you can cut them.

Catalyst conveyorized cutters are all about increasing cut part output while maximizing nested efficiencies on your materials

Autometrix InSight Solves the Problem of Matching Pattern Pieces to Projects.

Autometrix makes high-quality, easy to use fabric cutting machines and the software that runs them. But what we really do is help our customers save time and money through automation. We think about the whole manufacturing process, and how we can help make things easier and faster. 

With cut parts continually rolling to the end of your catalyst cutting table, It’s vital that your machine operators are able to quickly identify which parts should be kitted together for the next step in production.  Individually marking each cut part takes time and can lead to issues with marks on your finished product. That’s how our new product, the projector based solution, the  Autometrix InSight, came about. We found a pain point – that moment after the fabric cutting machine has done its job, and all of the pattern pieces are laying on the cutting table, waiting to be picked up and sewn together. It’s not always easy to tell which pieces go with which project. You can look at the screen, and then look back at the table a hundred times, but what if we could just label all of those pattern pieces for you, right on the table?

Autometrix Insight Projector Closeup
InSight Projection System

That’s what InSight does. An overhead projector projects an image of the pattern piece numbers right down on top of the pattern pieces. Each pattern piece is clearly labeled, without being harmed, because the “label” is made out of light. It’s just another way Autometrix is making your job a little easier, a little faster.

With the Catalyst and Insight Projection System, Autometrix continues its legacy of providing industry with quality cutting machines and the software to make them easier to use and more efficient than you thought possible. Ready to see a demo and accelerate your production? Give us a call and we’ll set one up.

October 2019 Update: Autometrix is proud to announce that the Insight Projection System was given the Show Stopper award in the category of equipment and tools during the IFAI Expo 2019.