Autometrix - SpeedLoader
Point, Scan and Done! Point, Click and Done!

Autometrix excels at helping our customers do their jobs faster and improve their productivity. We’ve just upgraded a fairly new product to do exactly that – SpeedLoader. SpeedLoader allows fabric cutting machine operators to scan an item’s barcode (or QR code) to upload it into PatternSmith instead of searching for the item’s file by part number or description.

We originally developed SpeedLoader to help an RV product customer save time loading files. SpeedLoader is the perfect time-saving tool for high-volume businesses. It’s also great for operators and increases their efficiency. They don’t need to even read the product name in order to load it.  And, it eliminates errors — the correct file is loaded every time when you just point and scan the bar code.

Point and Scan – Done

SpeedLoader makes it much faster to load and cut products. Previously the operator had to scan a product five times to produce five of the same item. The new version of SpeedLoader allows the operator to input the number of items to be produced, and scan it just once. Scan once for a single run, or input the number of times you want the product to run, and that’s how many you get. You could also embed the number of times you want the table to run in the barcode itself. More time savings.

Do you wish there was a way Autometrix could save your manufacturing business time? You can download the SpeedLoader now on from our website.  Let us know if you wish to learn about other tools that may accelerate your existing output!