At the heart of Autometrix’s innovative family of proprietary software tools is the powerful and intuitive PatternSmith. Featuring industry-leading pattern drafting, editing, nesting, and machine control capabilities, PatternSmith makes the entire process from creating patterns to precision cutting simple. Adding to the power and ease of PatternSmith are our easily integrated series of plugins and tools that ensure a custom software solution that suits your needs perfectly.

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Slide Computer-calculated nesting can drastically reduce
costs by minimizing waste. With the help of our Automatic
nesting, you can nest patterns together tightly and get
the most out of every square inch.

Slide Customizes the fit for all of the patterns of a specific
style. Relates all of the dimensions for each pattern
to a few measurements, allowing them to be easily
and automatically adjusted.

Slide Create any style awning in 3D, add attachment details,
then generate the flattened 2D patterns to cut. Eclipse handles the
details and lets you concentrate on creative aspects of design.

Slide insulation Computes the perfect patterns needed for complex intersections
of pipe cylinders and cones. Your 3D pipe display is turned
into 2D patterns ready for plotting and cutting.

Slide HideShot allows you to quickly and accurately capture the
outline and flaws of graded leather hides. It also allows
manual nesting within irregular perimeter (call us for info
about automatic nesting for leather), and around any flaws
saving a huge amount of time! HideShot works in conjunction
with the Autometrix Vision Module (AVM), available separately.

Slide Slices large patterns into manageable panels that fit your
material, and gives you complete flexibility in the slice
line placement.

Slide Creates the 2D gore patterns required to produce any 3D object of
revolution. Revolver is invaluable for objects like balloons, donuts,
inflatables, covers and certain tents.

Slide Easily create roller and roman-style shades. Enter your dimensions
and get your finished patterns in minutes.

Slide SpeedLoader makes it much faster to load and cut products.
Input the number of items to be produced, and scan your
barcode or QR Code. Scan once for a single run, or input the
number of times you want the product to run. You can also
embed the number of times you want the table to run in the
barcode itself. More time savings.

PatternSmith – Pattern Nesting, Drafting & Editing Software

PatternSmith is the newest in innovation from Autometrix and is a proprietary software tool that allows for creative pattern making. Using this dynamic and robust tool industry professionals can complete pattern drafting, nesting, and editing using the highest caliber of machine control capabilities. PatternSmith simplifies the entire process and is one of the best pattern making program solutions available.

State of The Art Digital Pattern Making Software

At Autometrix, we stand behind the quality of our pattern drafting software and we want to bring you only the very best options to make your pattern making process successful. Whether you are completing 2D pattern making or 3D pattern making, our cutting-edge digital pattern making software is the perfect solution. With a more streamlined pattern making process, PatternSmith allows the user to utilize a series of tools and plugins to personalize their experience and ensure accurate and precise results.

Industry-leading pattern making software

PatternSmith is industry leading pattern making software at its finest. The software makes it simple to complete computerized pattern making for patterns of all types. It is the ideal solution when you are searching for the very best pattern making software that features accuracy and simplicity.

For precision pattern nesting software and accurate pattern editing software, PatternSmith is your first choice. Find out more about this leading-edge pattern software by giving us a call.

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