Cutting Solutions

Autometrix’s systems are complete, including an integrated vacuum table, gantry and cutting head, and a friendly, easy to use hardware/software interface.

The Advantage cuts what you need, when you need it. Effortless, reliable, built to last, and all at a cost you can’t refuse. That’s the advantage of doing business with Autometrix.
Available cutting widths of 62 and 72 inches,
with lengths from 6 to 38 feet.

This system is equipped with the full feature-set and built-in flexibility required to successfully cut the widest range of materials. Companies rely on the Radium to be their cutting workhorse.
Available cutting widths of 62 to 138 inches,
with lengths from 6 to 58 feet or more.

Take the features of the Radium and turbo charge them. The Argon is one of the fastest machines on the market. Watch profitability soar with outstanding cut-part production from a wide range of materials, all with the reliability Autometrix is known for.
Available cutting widths of 62 to 138 inches,
with lengths from 6 to 58 feet or more.

Designed to pair seamlessly with our 5th generation cutting machine gantries and increase their throughput, the Catalyst conveyorized table system is capable of meeting the highest production demands for speed, accuracy, and cut-part production.
Available cutting area of 72 in x 96 in with options for take-off tables and material feed units.

Take a look at the many different cutting tools available for use with your Autometrix machine. Precision tool holders clamp directly to tool shafts with no set screws to mar the shaft. Autometrix can recommend various blades to best cut your patterns out of our material.
Cutting Blades for use with your Autometrix cutter

Choose to use a specialty plotting pen, a dot-marker, or the same ballpoint or sharpie you’ve been using for years with our flexible plotting tool mount.
Plotting Tools for use with your Autometrix cutter