Autometrix is an interesting place to work, and we have some very interesting employees. Software Development Manager Stuart McCarley has been managing and growing our software development team for the past two and half years. Read on to find out how McCarley approaches product development from a different angle, and how he lives in the moment.

What do you do for Autometrix?

CTO Jonathan Palmer lets me do things a little differently. I get bored with: “We’ve always done it this way.” I view myself as a team facilitator. Can we create a group that is cohesive and feels like we have everybody’s trust?  And I feel like we are at that point. I like watching people flourish and get excited.

One of the interesting parts is watching team members hit their stride — to be all that they can be in software

What is the most interesting part of your job?

It changes. One of the interesting parts is watching team members hit their stride — to be all that they can be in software, coming up with great ideas and solving problems with a passion, because they want to be here, because it’s not just a job. This month, it’s exciting to me that I have a team where everyone is working on something different and exciting.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

I’m a gourmet chef – for my birthdays I like to prepare a meal that might take a few eight-hour days to make. I’ll incorporate molecular gastronomy, sous vide technique, etc. I also enjoy motorcycling. My first date with my wife was on a motorcycle, and we have had regular motorcycle dates since 1989. I think the most important thing to do to enjoy life is to live in the moment. Motorcycling forces me to live in the moment.

Stuart McCarley and wife Sue – Then and Now

Little-known fact about Stuart McCarley?

I planned to go to culinary school, but after I worked in the industry I realized that there were a heck of a lot of dues to pay to get to the level that I wanted to be at. The day in and day out assembly line thing didn’t work for me. Software is new every day.

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