Expand your product offerings with quick and easy customization using Templates

One Template, Many Sizes One Template, Many Sizes

Autometrix is constantly searching for new ways to save our customers time and money. We originally invented TailorMade so that you can easily shrink or grow patterns to produce the same pattern for as many sizes as you need. TailorMade would calculate the new dimensions perfectly every time. Change the measurements, and your pattern changes instantly.

Now we’ve made it even easier to customize patterns for spa covers, equipment covers, awnings, equipment bags, insulation covers, gate valve covers, pipe covers, and furniture. Templates is the new and improved version of TailorMade, and we’ve integrated it into PatternSmith so that you don’t have to recreate your patterns when you need to make changes.

Templates is smart, and we built it with your needs in mind. Here are just a few things you can do with it:

  • Group a series of elements together so that they all move and grow together.
  • Adjust the pattern so that the length of one piece equals the length of other parts of the pattern.  
  • Add a Velcro strap to a pattern in PatternSmith, and Templates keeps it in the right spot on the other pattern sizes.

What does this mean for your business? Just-in-time custom manufacturing is now within reach. You can set up Templates for basic shapes, and then take orders for any size, depth, and fabric type, and make a “custom” pattern based on one of the templates. All you need are the finished dimensions to create a pattern, and those dimensions can be expanded or shrunk. The notches will still line up, and the features will stay in place on all the different sizes. Customization is now quick and easy.

No more building up of excess inventory that no one wants anymore.

No more eight-week production schedules for complex custom products.

It’s all possible with TemplatesCheck out the video below to see how it works. Contact us to find out more!