Racing Sailboat Builder to Autometrix Inc. Founder – The Origin Story

John and Sandy - Autometrix

The theme across all of Autometrix’s solutions has not changed since that first sail design – it’s all about making the process more efficient. A true engineer, John gets great satisfaction out of increasing efficiency: “I enjoy seeing our customers’ eyes light up when they get their machine working and it cuts their production time to a 10th,”...   Continue Reading→

Autometrix Developer – Famous Not Just For His Math Skills

Software developer - Autometrix

Precision cutting requires a lot of math, and Steve was hired in part because of his passion for math.  Steve was first hired to work on our hot and extremely popular digitizing solution CADShot Mobile.  But not many of his co-workers know that Steve is in the Sacramento Music Hall of Fame...   Continue Reading→

Network allows new and more capable machine tools

Embedded Ethernet - Autometrix

Autometrix’s motion control is fast and smooth, especially when it comes to complex shapes. Our machines utilize the latest materials to increase performance and maximize the lifespan of parts. To stay ahead of the competition, reliable industrial Ethernet communication is critical. ...   Continue Reading→

CadShot Mobile – The most efficient way to digitize patterns

Pattern Digitizing Made as Easy as Click and Go

Autometrix is going mobile! Autometrix prides itself on two things — being innovative, and listening to customers. We recently combined these strengths in a new initiative – transferring one of our popular software applications to the mobile platform. ...   Continue Reading→