Autometrix Names Pete Alsten Director of Business Development

Autometrix, Inc. is excited to announce Pete Alsten has joined the company as our Director of Business Development.  Pete comes to Autometrix with over 20 years of experience in the digital cutting system used within the Sign & Display, Packaging, Gasket, and Composite market segments. Considered a co-inventor of Print to Cut software and workflows […]

Three Ways to Find Skilled Workers for Your Manufacturing Business

The National Association of Manufacturers’ latest Q2 2019 Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey reported that the top concern for American manufacturers of all sizes is the inability to find skilled workers. 68.8% of survey respondents said they have a hard time finding qualified employees. As a small business in a rural town, Autometrix has struggled with this […]

Tip of the Month – Using Pattern Colors in PatternSmith

We use colors in everyday life to help distinguish one thing from another or to help organize things. You can can use colors in PatternSmith to help you identify and organize your patterns as well.

Specialty Fabrics Hot Trend: Fire Resistant Fabrics

Fire-resistant Fabrics a Hot Trend in Specialty Fabrics. Reports forecast record growth in the global fire-resistant fabrics market. The study predicts the market will increase by $1.8 billion to $3.5 billion in 2025

Cutting Composites? An Automated Cutting Table Will Save You Time and Money

Emotis isn’t just saving money with their pattern making table, they are saving a tremendous amount of time (which translates to cost savings). “The Autometrix machine actually allows us to cut approximately ten times faster than we did before”

Tip of the Month – Changing Notches and Text in PatternSmith

Do you ever wish you could change all the notches or text in all your patterns without having to edit each pattern, one by one?. Or just a selection of your patterns? We’ve added two new tools for that and they can be found on the Patterns Tab in PatternSmith.

Designing Wings for Humans

Like most aircraft, hang gliders pose special design and manufacturing challenges. They need to be strong enough to support a person’s body weight on the wind, yet light enough to fly.

Our Love Affair with Bicycles – and the Companies that Manufacture Them

many of the companies that hand craft very high-quality bikes – bikes that consistently win world championship competitions – rely on an Autometrix pattern cutting machine.

Manufacturing 4.0 – Technology Ushers in a New Era of Efficiency in Manufacturing

Technology has often helped manufacturers to become more efficient, beginning with the automation of processes that previously took much longer to do by hand, like cutting out patterns or nesting pattern pieces on a piece of fabric.

It’s a 10! PatternSmith Software Update is here.

PatternSmith 10’s Improved user interface is specifically designed for pattern-maker, and helps ease the transition from other CAD programs.

The Dynamic Duo that will Accelerate your Production

With the Catalyst and Insight Projection System, Autometrix continues its legacy of providing industry with quality cutting machines and the software to make them easier to use and more efficient than you thought possible

IFAI Members Choose Autometrix

IFAI Expo is a great place to see how manufacturers in different industries are using Autometrix cutting solutions to accelerate their growth. At the Autometrix booth this year we’ll be showing off a new Alpacka raft, an inflatable raft that fits in a backpack!

PatternSmith How-To Videos: Construction Guides

This PatternSmith video builds on the first two Editing Tools videos and shows how Construction Guides can be used to aid the pattern drafting.

Preventing the Hot Weather Productivity Dip 

Productivity across all industries tends to take a dip in the summer. Combating the summer doldrums in manufacturing takes innovative thinking and solutions that may seem counter intuitive.

PatternSmith How-To Videos: More on Action Tools

The second of 3 videos takes a deeper dive into the Editing Tools available in PatternSmith.
This video shows more usage of the Edit and Replace tools, but especially focuses on the Action tools.

PatternSmith How-To Videos: Editing Tools – Edit, Actions, Replace, and Construction

This PatternSmith how to video takes a deeper dive into the Editing Tools available. This video introduces Edit, Actions, Replace, and Construction tools.

Five Reasons Why you Should Upgrade Your Software and Invest in New Plugins

In the manufacturing industry, there is value in stability. We want to set up a system and put it and our folks to work. If we did that at Autometrix we would never remove any glitches, add new features or create custom plugins and add-ons for our customers.

PatternSmith How-To Videos: Creation Tools

Get an overview of how the Creation Tools work in PatternSmith software. PatternSmith is used by Autometrix customers to draft, edit and cut their patterns.

PatternSmith How-To Videos: Line Creation

In this video get an overview of how the Line Tool works to create lines and polylines in PatternSmith. Follow along with Pattern Set provided herein.

PatternSmith How-To Videos: Moving and Snapping

Second in the Autometrix series of “Quick Start” videos for our PatternSmith software, focused on moving and snapping tools

PatternSmith How-To Videos: Elements and Attributes

Autometrix has created a series of “Quick Start” instructional videos for our PatternSmith software that are meant for new and experienced users alike.

Autometrix PatternSmith Software – Introduction and Overview Video

This video is a great way to understand the power of PatternSmith and get a basic understanding of all the tools in this introduction and overview video.

Autometrix Just Made Your Life Easier (Again)

At Autometrix we understand that manufacturing is a complicated process, and that optimizing or automating any part of that process can save time – and money. It’s our job to make your life easier.

A New Approach to Housing the Homeless – Made Possible by Autometrix Technology

After years of seeing people sleeping on the streets, Diaz realized that she had a unique set of skills that could provide a new approach to address nearly 7500 homeless people in San Francisco.

Workflow – a Revolutionary Software for Manufacturers who use Cut Parts for Production

Workflow is a revolutionary new software tool from Autometrix that makes producing large numbers of customized products easy – and fast. Workflow has application in any markets that manufacture products made from multiple cut pieces – and paired with templates, its power is even more apparent .

Templates – We Improved our Software so you can Expand your Business

Now we’ve made it even easier to customize patterns for spa covers, equipment covers, awnings, equipment bags, insulation covers, gate valve covers, pipe covers, and furniture. Templates is the new and improved software that we’ve integrated it into PatternSmith.

We Want Our Customers To be Happy

Our success depends on your success, which is why we do everything we can to make sure you can rely on your Autometrix industrial fabric cutting table.

Increase Efficiencies for Prepreg Cutting

If you are a manufacturer of composite parts, cutting prepreg carbon or glass by hand is both tedious and time consuming. Automated cutting equipment is the first step in reining in manufacturing costs and improving cut part production, but don’t stop there.

Are You Ready to Cut This?

The textile industry is changing. Many of our customers purchased an automated fabric cutting machine from Autometrix because they need to be able to cut anything. Are you ready to cut this?

Autometrix Inc. Expands Operations Providing Accessibility to East Coast Businesses

“I’m very excited to see the Akron office open. I know how important it is for people to experience technology first hand when making such an important decision.  I believe this demonstrates Autometrix’s attentiveness and dedication to accessibility,” commented Jonathan Palmer, CEO

Autometrix CEO Jonathan Palmer Discusses Company Growth

I remember the first prototype cutting machines being built in our living room and the excitement of Autometrix moving from the upstairs office and the living room into a real building with an address of its own.

Autometrix Helps Cole TAC Produce Top Quality Products in the U.S

Many of our customers pride themselves on manufacturing products in the U.S.A. It might be more expensive, but these manufacturers are committed to producing the highest quality product possible, and they feel they have more control over the process when they do it locally.  

Saving the Coral Reefs with Autometrix Technology

Last year Jack’s Plastic produced eight tanks that successfully supported the growth of hardy new coral. This year they will build 15 more tanks with the help of Autometrix solutions. Kloepfer sees potential for astronomic growth for this technology, and rebuilding a lot more coral reefs.

Learn about Industrial Fabric Cutting Solutions at a Conference Near You!

The best way to determine whether an Autometrix fabric cutting machine is the best solution for your business is to come an chat with one of our Automation Specialists who can suggest the right products that will increase your profitability.

Dorey to Represent Autometrix Inc. in Europe

Autometrix Inc. is pleased to announce our new partners in distribution, Dorey from France. For 60 years, the company Dorey has been manufacturing, advising, adapting and servicing industrial machinery offered to its customers in various sectors.

IBIS Wins ‘Cut With Autometrix’ Photo Contest With Ripley LS

The winner of the “Cut With Autometrix” Photo Contest is Preston Sandusky of Ibis Cycles. Preston is the Development Engineer at Ibis Cycles. Thank you for submitting your photo and the story behind this image.

Best Wishes and Holiday Hours from Autometrix

This year, Autometrix is extraordinarily grateful for all of our wonderful customers and every single one of our awesome, dedicated employees. We would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a spectacular 2019, from our family to yours.

Allied Cycle Works – MADE HERE MADE RIGHT with Autometrix Solutions

Control over innovation and production is so important to Allied, their tagline is “MADE HERE MADERIGHT”. They rely on Autometrix cutting machines to produce a consistent, high quality product every time.

Meet Our Road Warrior Field Technicians

Field technicians come out to build and install the automated fabric cutting machines, and train you on how to use them. These guys are on the road almost all the time, installing textile cutting tables all over North America, and in manufacturing facilities as far away as Vietnam, Poland, South Korea, and Brazil. They brave all kinds of weather, sometimes in just one trip!

Autometrix Had a Strong Presence at IFAI Expo and CAMX 2018

A high-energy hotbed of education and networking with experts and influential industry leaders. If you were at the show, you couldn’t miss Autometrix. As Operations Manager Terri Van Wagner put it, “Two shows in one, two significant industries for Autometrix, ten Autometrix personnel, three cutting machines and a TON of energy! Yee-haw!” 

Gioia Sails Depends on Autometrix Technology to do Whatever it Takes for Their Customers

Gioia Sails runs two Autometrix fabric cutting tables to create standard and custom products for wholesaler and retail customers.“If you can sew it, we can do it,”. “From the carpet to the carpentry to window trimmings to bedding to throw pillows.”

Future Forward with Autometrix Inc.

As the demand for our cutting tables grows, we are happy to announce some additions and changes. Our number one goal is always to solve customer problems with quality, dependable cutting solutions. To this end, we made some additions and changes that we are happy to share today.

Blue Water Spa Covers Counts on Autometrix to Keep Their Business Flowing

Brian Keihner, owner of Blue Water Spa Covers, has been very happy with the reliability of his Autometrix fabric cutting machine. He recently purchased another cutting machine to run at a second business location. “The machine absolutely never breaks,” he said.

Autometrix makes it easier to find the right solution!

Find the right cutting solution with this new feature. Answer a few quick questions about your production and processes,and receive the best hardware and software recommendations sent right to your mailbox.

Developing Tech Talent: Autometrix Welcomes Summer Interns!

Being located in a rural community certainly has its perks – no traffic, a beautiful natural environment — but there is a down side. We have to work a little harder to develop local talent and keep our employment pipeline full. To this end, Autometrix is pleased to welcome four amazing summer interns who will […]

The joys of carbon fiber manufacturing and winning new business

Rocket Composites makes carbon fiber parts for a wide variety of industries: boat parts, hang glider components, and hydrofoils for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and regular surfing. Rocket Composites even sells into the aerospace industry – they are developing a carbon fiber satellite structure. And business is growing, thanks to his Autometrix cutting table.

Automation Helps Silver Needle Compete in the Protective Clothing Space

What do you wear when you work with molten metal?  Handle emergency situations where flash fire is a hazard? Or handle fluids at minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit? These are issues that safety clothing manufacturer Silver Needle Inc. thinks about every day.

Help wanted: the next generation of manufacturing workers

Jonathan Palmer, president of Autometrix Inc., agrees that there are labor concerns. “I’m not sure there’s a shortage of trainable employees, but they’re hard to find because there’s usually competition when you go to hire them. Finding people with the right basic skills and, perhaps most importantly, the right attitude is always the challenge.”

SpeedLoader – a Time-Saving Tool to Load Product Files

Autometrix excels at helping our customers do their jobs faster and more efficiently. We’ve just upgraded a fairly new product to do exactly that – SpeedLoader.

Achieve your Pattern Making Goals

The goal is smooth, accurate patterns that cut smoothly. Enjoy our timely tips to help you make the most of your Autometrix patterning, cutting and digitizing solutions

Autometrix and the Nevada County Tech Ecosystem

Autometrix is a manufacturing company in Nevada County that was founded on a passion for problem solving and making things easier. The company is still doing exactly that — producing cutting tables, digitizing tools, and software for global products and companies.

Curiosity Pays Off — Cut Form Expands Their Business with a Cutting Table

Cut Form LLC is one of those customer stories where a business owner used his Autometrix cutting table to expand and transform his business, with great success. It started with curiosity.

Going the extra mile for you – Customer Support as Reliable as our Machines!

We constantly hear how amazed customers are at the affordable and responsive services we provide them. Well, today we would like to highlight two of our Customer Service Champs, that many of you are already familiar with: Gary Unitt and Joel Koopmans.

A New Way to Interact with Autometrix Machines – the SMARTScreen

Introducing the SMARTScreen by Autometrix – an easy new way to interact with our machines. The SMARTScreen is an industrial touchscreen interface for Autometrix cutting tables and more.  It brings powerful new functions to whatever machine it’s attached to.

Classic Car Hobbyist turns into America’s First Choice for Automotive Insulation Products

It all started when Timothy Cox needed to replace the tarpaper firewall insulator in the 1931 Buick that he was restoring. There was nothing available on the market, so he created his own firewall insulator. Word spread and Cox soon opened a small business manufacturing these automotive insulation products.

Thermaxx Jackets Automates Manufacturing With Autometrix

Take a short stroll through the Thermaxx Jackets production facility today, and you’ll see many workstations bustling with activity.Only recently has the Autometrix precision cutting machine been introduced to the production line.

Stretch Shapes Solves a Unique Business Challenge with their Automated Cutting Table

Stretch Shapes creates amazing sets and backgrounds for the nation’s largest audio and video companies. Project Manager Josh Lippold came up with an innovative new use for their Autometrix Radium cutting table.

How to Use the Tax Break to Triple Your Sales and Save Money at the Same Time

Savvy business owners who make products using industrial fabrics and composite materials will figure out a way to use the tax break money to grow their businesses and get a return on their investment.

New technology for improved Human Machine Interface

Technology moves fast, and  innovation at Autometrix never ceases. We’ve decided to take complete control over the design and implementation of our Human Machine Interface (HMI) and are excited to be releasing the Smart Screen. 

PatternSmith Pattern Making Software – Better Than CAD

What do bicycles, automotive interiors, awnings, handbags, pool covers, and sporting goods have in common? They are all made of something that gets cut and attached together, and they all start with a pattern.

Maintenance Schedule for your Autometrix Cutting Machine

With the New Year upon us, we thought it would be a great time to provide our users a refresher on the upkeep and maintenance schedule of their beloved Autometrix cutting machine. Print it, post it, blow it up. Keep it in your shop to ensure the smooth and long lasting endurance of your machines.

Best Wishes of the Season and Holiday Hours

May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year.
We will NOT be available on December  25th and December 26th for Christmas.
We will also be closed on January 1st for New Years. and back at your service on January 2nd, 2018

Saving Time and Money in the Insulation Industry

Our customers manufacture products in places like Canada, Minnesota, and Alaska, every single pipe, gauge, fitting, and valve needs to be insulated if it is exposed to the elements. Insulating these fixtures may be necessary, but it is not easy.

Racing Sailboat Builder to Autometrix Inc. Founder – The Origin Story

The theme across all of Autometrix’s solutions has not changed since that first sail design – it’s all about making the process more efficient. A true engineer, John gets great satisfaction out of increasing efficiency: “I enjoy seeing our customers’ eyes light up when they get their machine working and it cuts their production time to a 10th,”

Five Easy Steps for Wheel Bearing Adjustment – Tips from Autometrix Inc.

Enjoy our timely tips and tricks to keep your cutting machine in top shape or to get maximum use of your PatternSmith software. This month we talk about the steps of keeping your wheel bearings in tip-top condition by making the necessary adjustments.

Turning Custom Into “Semi-Custom” Revolutionizes the Marine Canvas Industry

Autometrix products save marine canvas product manufacturers a lot of time. Our pattern digitizing software and cutting tables turn custom products into semi-custom products.

Autometrix Developer – Famous Not Just For His Math Skills

Precision cutting requires a lot of math, and Steve was hired in part because of his passion for math.  Steve was first hired to work on our hot and extremely popular digitizing solution CADShot Mobile.  But not many of his co-workers know that Steve is in the Sacramento Music Hall of Fame

Network allows new and more capable machine tools

Autometrix’s motion control is fast and smooth, especially when it comes to complex shapes. Our machines utilize the latest materials to increase performance and maximize the lifespan of parts. To stay ahead of the competition, reliable industrial Ethernet communication is critical.

Adjusting Motor Engagement of your Cutting Machine

Enjoy our timely tips and tricks to keep your cutting machine in top shape to get maximum use of your PatternSmith software.

Collaboration Makes Awning Design A Lot Easier

Trivantage and Autometrix Inc., two leading companies in the U.S. have brought two pieces of software together – Trivantage’s Awning Composer and Autometrix’s Eclipse into one seamless solution.

CadShot Mobile – The most efficient way to digitize patterns

Autometrix is going mobile! Autometrix prides itself on two things — being innovative, and listening to customers. We recently combined these strengths in a new initiative – transferring one of our popular software applications to the mobile platform. 

Stuart McCarley Thinks Differently | The Autometrix Software Development Guru

Autometrix is an interesting place to work. Read on to find out how McCarley approaches product development from a different angle, and how he lives in the moment.

Prolong the life of your Cutting Machine Surface in 6 simple steps

The customer solutions staff of Autometrix provide much needed and timely advise to our customers. We will be providing you some tips that will maximize the efficiency and life of your machines as well as over all productivity. Sign up to the blog for helpful posts, news and updates

Manufacturing for Good with Industrial Fabrics Association International

The live manufacturing experience at the IFAI Expo demonstrates the making of a duffel bag from start to finish, with a philanthropic twist: all bags will be donated to Raintree Children & Family Services, a nonprofit organization that assists at-risk children and youth in the greater New Orleans area.

From machines to humans: Boost the productivity of your business

We were featured in “Specialty Fabrics Review” magazine this month. Truy Pham, Automation Specialist for Autometrix, talks about how our solutions boost productivity in companies such as those featured with us.

Autometrix Uses its Industrial Fabric Cutting Machines to Give Back

This month Autometrix is using our industrial fabric cutting machines to give back at two events: a free workshop for college students in California and creating duffel bags for homeless teenagers at IFAI in New Orleans.

Six Men and a Baby | Small Cutting Machine

Ready to ship out the smallest Radium cutter we have ever built. It is 24 in x 10 ft long, made for a high school with limited space. Learn about the team behind this little marvel

Exciting Updates in PatternSmith Software 8.2

Psssst! Exciting news update about our PatternSmith Software.
Fresh off the press, here is an unedited excerpt from our CTO’s monthly report to the company

Investing in Talent Development

Autometrix is a company that has a tradition of investing in talent growth and development. We understand that quality products are a direct result of quality personnel. Autometrix invests not only in their employees but also in their community. As a result, our customers directly reap the benefits when they receive high quality pattern software […]