Going the extra mile for you

Joel at the Agony Ride

A few individuals from Autometrix participate in the “Agony Ride” every year. They ride for a period of 24 hours, with a single minded goal of covering as many miles as possible within a 24 hour period, with little or no sleep. This is a cause to raise money for youth in need of rehab, counseling and education. Joel Koopmans accomplished a whopping 224 miles this year! When asked, he stated his motivation is hearing of the young lives that have turned around due to this effort.

Joel is our Customer Solutions Expert (you may call him your champion). No question or problem goes unattended or unresolved – thanks to his dogged will, perseverance, desire to leave no puzzle unsolved and just the need to provide the best service he can to each and every individual. Aren’t you glad you have him on your side?

Exciting Updates in PatternSmith Software 8.2

Psssst! Exciting news update about our PatternSmith Software.

Fresh off the press, here is an unedited excerpt from our CTO’s monthly report to the company:


Our Software Manager Stu has already provided an update on progress in the Software world, but I wanted to emphasize how responsive the Software team is capable of being – 8.2 has a number of important features for all of our users, but we were also able to sneak in a couple very specific features that will allow a few customers to change the way they use their equipment for the better.


This is a beautifully updated version of our Slicer plugin – anyone making large products that require multiple widths of their material will absolutely benefit from using this software




This is the barcode/QR code file-loading system we’ve initially built for a specific customer, but it has broad application for any of our customers – especially if they’re process includes work orders. Now, a simple scan of a barcode will load the appropriate cut file, and if there’s a nest ready to go, it will go ahead and send it to their cutter, just waiting for a user to press “start”.

This is Gary Unitt

This is Gary Unitt. What does Gary do?

He is our Customer Solutions Manager. He helps you with on-boarding and getting familiarized with our industry-leading pattern making software PatternSmith. He helps you whenever you want to to try new and fancy designs or guide you in cutting material you never have before.

Gary also does QA for our software developers and tries to break what they make and pushes them to levels of high performance that you won’t find elsewhere in the industry!

This morning he gave a demo on the “Radium” cutting machine to an excited potential multi-national business representative, who arrived with great excitement to see how this cutter will change the world of their production team (of advanced technical fabric and composites). And he left with a giant smile on his face.

Thank you Gary for all you do.

Investing in Talent Development

Autometrix is a company that has a tradition of investing in talent growth and development. We understand that quality products are a direct result of quality personnel. Autometrix invests not only in their employees but also in their community. As a result, our customers directly reap the benefits when they receive high quality pattern software and cutting equipment. Read this coverage in the TechCrunch section of Comstock Magazine.