Today, manufacturing and technology are inextricably linked

If you aren’t embracing technology in manufacturing, you are getting left behind. Autometrix has always looked for ways to innovate in manufacturing. We employ both software engineers and machinists  to build industrial fabric cutting table solutions that run off the click of a mouse. 

Technology has often helped manufacturers to become more efficient, beginning with the automation of processes that previously took much longer to do by hand, like cutting out patterns or nesting pattern pieces on a piece of fabric. 

Higher Level of Manufacturing Efficiency

The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are enabling a much higher level of manufacturing efficiency. In this new, technology-driven world of Manufacturing 4.0, smart machines tell you when they will need maintenance, instead of waiting until something breaks or needlessly shutting down an assembly line because of a scheduled maintenance that may or may not be necessary. Sensors gather information about each part of the manufacturing process, feeding a huge amount of information back into computers that crunch that data to determine where more efficiency can be achieved. On quality control lines, cameras are getting smarter every day, learning to determine which products do not meet quality standards faster and better than humans every could.

Is your business ready fro industry 4.0

Technology Skills on the Manufacturing Floor

New skills are required to work on this high-tech manufacturing floor – computer skills. Yes, some jobs will be lost to automation, but employers have choices about how to transition their workforce to Manufacturing 4.0. Some employers will re-allocate employees that are no longer needed in one area to another area, teaching them the new skills they need. Manufacturing floor workers are learning the technological skills they need to operate new machinery, or manufacturers are hiring new employees who have these skills.

For employers who are willing to embrace Manufacturing 4.0, technology can make their processes more efficient, saving huge amounts of money and time. Manufacturing 4.0 also has the potential to help American manufacturers compete with those overseas.

Industry 4.0 for Small Businesses

If you are at IFAI Expo 2019 check out CEO, Jonathan Palmer’s presentation on Oct 3rd from 10 am to 10:50 am. For the most part today, Smart Factories are being implemented by large corporations that have the capacity to make big upfront investments and access to hi-tech solutions. So what does this mean for a small business and how can you leverage this trend today? He will discuss the concepts that absolutely do apply to you, and that will keep you competitive in this ever advancing industrial era.

Alternatively, call us today and let one of our automation specialists help you get comfortable with technology, and show you how automation can save your business time and money.