Going the extra mile for you

Joel at the Agony Ride

A few individuals from Autometrix participate in the “Agony Ride” every year. They ride for a period of 24 hours, with a single minded goal of covering as many miles as possible within a 24 hour period, with little or no sleep. This is a cause to raise money for youth in need of rehab, counseling and education. Joel Koopmans accomplished a whopping 224 miles this year! When asked, he stated his motivation is hearing of the young lives that have turned around due to this effort.

Joel is our Customer Solutions Expert (you may call him your champion). In addition to helping our customers when they call in with a problem,  Joel now provides information for our monthly “Tip of the month”. This is a monthly email that goes out to our customers with tips about care and maintenance of their machines. No question or problem goes unattended or unresolved – thanks to his dogged will, perseverance, desire to leave no puzzle unsolved and just the need to provide the best service he can to each and every individual. Aren’t you glad you have him on your side?

Contact Joel directly for any customer support questions