At Autometrix Inc. we are proud of the efficiency and accuracy of our cutting solutions . Based on our customer surveys, we have found that our customers highly value reliability as well, not only in our solutions but also in the support we provide them.  We constantly hear how amazed they are are at the affordable and responsive services we provide them. Well, today we would like to highlight two of our Customer Service Champs, that many of you are already familiar with: Gary Unitt and Joel Koopmans.

Gary Unitt is our Customer Manager for Software Solutions. He helps you with on-boarding and getting familiarized with our industry-leading pattern making software PatternSmith. He helps you whenever you want to to try new and fancy designs or guide you in cutting material you never have before. Autometrix Customer Support

Gary also acts as a quality assurance expert for our software developers and tries to break what they make and pushes them to levels of high performance that you won’t find elsewhere in the industry!

In the picture on your right, you see him giving a demo on our “Radium” cutting machine to an excited multi-national business representative, who arrived with great excitement to see how this cutter will change the world of their production team (of advanced technical fabric and composites). The customer left with a giant smile on his face, and today their company uses the Radium to do all their R&D on.

Thank you Gary for all you do.  Contact Gary if you have a software support question of if you’d like to schedule a demo.

“We value partnerships very much and look for people that we enjoy doing business with. We enjoy that part of the Autometrix relationship.” Mark Webb -President, Interstate Foam and Supply Inc.

Autometrix-Joel at the Agony RideA few individuals from Autometrix participate in the “Agony Ride” every year. They ride for a period of 24 hours, with a single minded goal of covering as many miles as possible within a 24 hour period, with little or no sleep. This is a cause to raise money for youth in need of rehab, counseling and education. Joel Koopmans accomplished a whopping 224 miles in 2017! When asked, he stated his motivation is hearing of the young lives that have turned around due to this effort.

Joel is our Customer Solutions Expert (you may call him your champion). In addition to helping our customers when they call in with a problem,  Joel now provides information for our monthly “Tip of the month“. This is a monthly email that goes out to our customers with tips about care and maintenance of their machines. No question or problem goes unattended or unresolved – thanks to his dogged will, perseverance, desire to leave no puzzle unsolved and just the need to provide the best service he can to each and every individual. Aren’t you glad you have him on your side?

Contact Joel directly for any customer support questions. If you need to renew your service contract, contact us today!