Autometrix Software Upgrade

Keeping technology updated is as important as stability is for your business

In the manufacturing industry, there is value in stability. We want to set up a system and put it and our folks to work. The goal is to implement all the (reliable) tools we need for production, and then keep it humming. We do not touch what is not broken. We elect not to perform any updates or upgrades that may rock the boat and influence our ‘stability’. But is that the best approach to provide on-going productivity and efficiency?

At Autometrix we do not believe in the ‘set it and forget it’ policy.  If we did, we would never improve.  We would never remove any glitches, add new features or create custom plugins and add-ons for our customers.

“You are just trying to sell me more products.”

“I am finally comfortable with this software, I don’t want to learn new features.”

“Do I really need to update to my software? Is it worth it? What are the tangible benefits?”

“Everything is going fine, I don’t need to look into any upgrades at this time. I don’t need to spend money needlessly…”

Are these the thoughts that go through your mind every time you hear about a new update or perhaps a glitch or listen to an employee complain? Well, here is something to consider:

 5 Reasons why you should upgrade your software or get new plugins

1. It reduces frustration – new software will likely have fixed annoying glitches and bugs that you’ve experienced

2. It increases productivity – the updated plugin with new features will streamline the processes your staff uses every day, saving them valuable time

3. It keeps you ahead of competition – Keeping your software updated can even the playing field, or even put your company in 1st place where it belongs.

4. It boosts staff morale and encourages you to be the best – By keeping up with technology, you’ll be providing your employees the latest and most efficient tools. Updated software can only help improve your business year after year!

5. It allows for support from Autometrix – As older versions of software or plugins are retired by us or the original developer, it is not always feasible to provide ongoing support.  Current software will always have access to the best possible technical support you can get from us.

Here is the latest and greatest from the Autometrix software world that you should look into: PatternSmith 9, Workflow, Templates and Scapos Auto Nesting Plugin. Want to find out more? Reach out to us and learn about the newest tools that can accelerate your business today!