If you’ve purchased an Autometrix pattern cutting machine in the last few years, chances are you’ve gotten to know Adam Howell or Greg Thompson. They are the Autometrix field technicians who come out to build and install the automated fabric cutting machines, and train you on how to use them. These guys are on the road almost all the time, installing textile cutting tables all over North America, and in manufacturing facilities as far away as Vietnam, Poland, South Korea, and Brazil. They brave all kinds of weather, sometimes in just one trip! Greg once went from Green Bay, Wisconsin, where it was -26 degrees Fahrenheit to Florida (95 degrees), to Philadelphia (-10 degrees) to Costa Rica (97 degrees). “I pack the same thing, wherever I go so that I am ready for anything,” he says.

Autometrix in Japan
Greg (and Daisuke from our distributor Sankei Corp) in Japan on an install  Greg in Japan with Air Corporation and Daisuke from our distributor Sankei Corp

A New Place Every Week

Luckily, these guys love to travel. Adam likes the fact that he gets to see a new place every week. Greg enjoys the insight into a foreign culture (not to mention, amazing food) he gets to experience having lunch with factory workers in places like South Korea. “I like getting to see what day to day life in a foreign country is like,” he said.


Autometrix Tech
Greg Thompson Greg Thompson

We’ve Got Their Back

They also enjoy helping our customers. Greg: “I’ve seen a lot of manufacturing facilities, and I know what works and what doesn’t,” he said. “I’ll make a suggestion. Have you tried this? Most time they re-think and realize it’s a better workflow.” They couldn’t do this job, spending as much as nine straight weeks on the road, without a lot of support from the office. “The CEO asks me on a monthly basis if I am getting the support and training I need,” said Adam. “It’s nice to work at a place that goes out of its way to make its employees’ jobs easier and more efficient.” Greg agrees. “We know we can depend on each other, we have each other’s backs,” he said. “I know that if I run into anything, I’m a phone call away from an entire support team, regardless of what time zone I’m in.” Autometrix is proud to have such personable and dedicated field techs. “Autometrix Field Technicians are held to a very high standard since they ‘are Autometrix’ to our customers,” said Terri Van Wagner, Operations Manager at Autometrix. “Both Greg and Adam have a relatable way of teaching machine operators how to use their new cutting machines, and they consistently receive high praise from customers for being thorough, knowledgeable, and personable.”

Autometrix Tech
Adam Howell Adam Howell

They Still Have Time for Fun

When he is not at a customer site, Adam likes to play tennis, golf, and Frisbee. He also likes learning new software programs, such as Adobe Creative Suite. Greg reads, listens to music (he used to work in the music industry in Nashville), and paints miniature figurines for the game Warhammer 40K – a hobby that he can take with him when he is traveling. He also plays Pokemon Go, catching characters that can only be found in foreign countries.



Autometrix Technician
Keith Alves Keith Alves

Newest Tech Joins Us 

Keith Alves is the newest member to join the team. He comes to us having worked for Tesla’s Model 3 line as a vehicle test driver. It was Keith’s job to test drive the motor, brakes and software. He has always loved to build, using metal and now wood. In fact Keith has a personal wood shop where he builds all kinds of items for his home. We are so glad that Keith decided to leave the bustling Bay area to come join us in beautiful Grass Valley. He is raring to go and excited to help our customers who are queued up to get their shiny new machines installed.

Trade Shows, Demos and Education

Autometrix field technicians do a lot of installs, but that is not the sum total of their job. They also assist with demos at trade shows, colleges and on-site events. They train our customers with diligence so the companies can hit the ground running and are set up for success. When they get a breather back home (which is rare) they educate themselves and get the latest information from our engineers, both hardware and software.  They are pretty versatile and truly deserve the warrior title!

Autometrix Technicians

Thanks for doing what you do, Greg, Adam and Keith! When you purchase a new Autometrix cutting system, you will have the pleasure of  seeing Greg, Adam or Keith in action as they build and install the fabric cutting table for you. Give us a call or email us  and we’ll get you set up.