At Autometrix, we love to hear about our customers’ successes. Cut Form LLC is one of those customer stories where a business owner used his Autometrix cutting table to expand and transform his business, with great success. It started with curiosity. When you talk to Ryan Joaquim, President and Owner of Cut Form LLC, you can tell that he likes to innovate and test limits.

Testing the Limits of the Cutting Table

Autometrix Cutter used by Cheers etc
Drill Team Uniform by Cheers etc

Not satisfied with a profitable drill team manufacturing business, Joaquim was curious about what else Cut Form’s Autometrix fabric cutting machine could do. He started experimenting. “I push the limits of what the machine can do,” said Joaquim. “I’ve cut just about every material possible, including carpet.” This experimentation led to a new line of business – cutting for hire.

Helping Other Businesses

Now Cut Form helps small businesses scale their production up to the next level. They also help businesses that work with expensive materials (like leather) save money through precision cutting. His customers come from a wide range of industries: leather handbags and accessories, outdoor supplies, boots and shoes, signage, banners and custom display, therapeutic medical devices, sports training products, and even aerospace! Additionally, Cut Form now manufactures and sells their own leather and canvas products.

“I had a customer ask me about my cutter. If you want something that can cut a variety, including leather, and will be possibly half the cost, get an Autometrix cutter. It gets the job done with a pretty economical footprint.”

~Ryan Joaquim

Made Possible by Autometrix

Cut Form’s Autometrix Radium fabric cutting table made it all possible. “Without the machine, I couldn’t have a business,” said Joaquim. “I’ve maxed out the amount my business can grow with the cutting service. Now we’re adding more services to increase revenue.”

Cut Form also uses the Autometrix Vision Module and CadShot solution to digitize their patterns. To see some of the work Cut Form is doing, check out their Instagram Feed.

Give us a call if you are interested in transforming your own business with an Autometrix cutting solution.

And, if you want to see how much fun it is to operate one of our machines, watch this video below of Joaquim and his Radium.