Tip of the Month – Changing Notches and Text in PatternSmith

Do you ever wish you could change all the notches or text in all your patterns without having to edit each pattern, one by one?. Or just a selection of your patterns? We’ve added two new tools for that and they can be found on the Patterns Tab in PatternSmith.

Making Selections

A note about making selections. You can select all the patterns by pressing Ctrl+A. You can also widow or “Marque” select multiple patterns. To add to your selection, hold down the Shift key and either single select or Marque select to add to your selection. Hold down the shift key and single select or Marque select on already selected patterns to remove them from the selection

Modify Notches

To use the Modify Notches tool, select the pattern(s) you want to change. If you don’t select any patterns, all patterns will be changed. Click on the Modify Notches tool. You will see this dialog.

In the sample, there are 3 patterns. One with small v notches, one with large v notches and one with large slit notches set to the Mark tool. We will change them all to slit, .125 deep, and using the Notch tool. Note that we have changed the dialog for these parameters and set the ON/OFF switch to ON for the properties that need to be changed.

Modify Text

The Modify Text Elements work in a similar way. Using the same example, we change all the text to .500” high, rotated 90°, and using the Mark tool.

And the result looks like this:

Do some experimenting with these two tools. We hope they can help you streamline a task that can otherwise be a bit time-consuming.

Tip of the month is brought to our customers by the Autometrix Customer Support staff