Autometrix Gives Back using it's industrial cuting machine

Help wanted: the next generation of manufacturing workers

Jonathan Palmer, president of Autometrix Inc., agrees that there are labor concerns. “I’m not sure there’s a shortage of trainable employees, but they’re hard to find because there’s usually competition when you go to hire them. Finding people with the right basic skills and, perhaps most importantly, the right attitude is always the challenge.”

Embedded Ethernet - Autometrix

Network allows new and more capable machine tools

Autometrix’s motion control is fast and smooth, especially when it comes to complex shapes. Our machines utilize the latest materials to increase performance and maximize the lifespan of parts. To stay ahead of the competition, reliable industrial Ethernet communication is critical.

Raintree House is a safe haven for abused and neglected teenage girls in foster care. Photo: Raintree Children & Family Services.

Manufacturing for Good with Industrial Fabrics Association International

The live manufacturing experience at the IFAI Expo demonstrates the making of a duffel bag from start to finish, with a philanthropic twist: all bags will be donated to Raintree Children & Family Services, a nonprofit organization that assists at-risk children and youth in the greater New Orleans area.

Investing in Talent Development

Autometrix is a company that has a tradition of investing in talent growth and development. We understand that quality products are a direct result of quality personnel. Autometrix invests not only in their employees but also in their community. As a result, our customers directly reap the benefits when they receive high quality pattern software…